Yelwoc is an independent IT consultancy, providing services primarily to SMB/Es and financial institutions.
The consultancy focuses on companies that wish to avoid tying up significant capital investment and ongoing revenue charges in the form of annual maintenance charges, while still achieving their IT targets.

The consultancy provides a wide range of services including:

  • Network and Security Designs
  • Global Network Designs
  • Technical Strategy Plans
  • Technical Reviews
  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Project Management
  • Network Management Systems
  • Infrastructure Architecture, Design, Implementation, Operation
  • Infrastructure Documentation
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity


  • 150, mainly Hedge Fund and Private Equity startups and relocations
  • Designed, Installed and Supported a Private Equity Pan-European Network
  • Designed, Installed and Supported a Travel/Events Pan-UK Network
  • Designed, Installed and Supported a Legal Pan-UK Network
  • Designed, Installed and Supported Trading Network Infrastructures
  • Architect of Private Cloud Virtualisation Infrastructures
  • Designed, Installed and Managed an IPSwitch WhatsUp Monitoring for 2000 nodes
  • 20 years of Cisco and Checkpoint experience
  • Designed, Installed and Managed Storage Area Networks for Virtualised Servers
  • Designed, Installed and Managed over 20 Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Designed, Installed and Managed over 40 Checkpoint firewall sites

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Internet Storm Center

The intent of the Infocon is to reflect changes in malicious traffic and the possibility of disrupted connectivity. In particular important is the concept of “Change”. Every host connected to the Internet is subject to some amount of traffic caused by worms and viruses. However, once a worm has been identified and the number of infected machines is no longer increasing, this traffic is not likely to cause any disruptions.

The Infocon is intended to apply to the condition of the Internet infrastructure. They do not monitor particular nations or companies.