Case Studies

These case studies are designed to illustrate the types and scope of works undertaken for our clients.

  • Fund Manager AUM US$40bn+Developed their AAA platform around Cisco ISE v1.2. BAU management of the Checkpoint, Cisco, Riverbed infrastructures, F5 APM and development of SolarWinds Orion
  • Hedge Fund AUM US$30bn+Brought in to assist with the development of their global WAN and Regional Data Centre projects. BAUmanagement of the Checkpoint, Cisco, Riverbed infrastructures and Avaya and Speakerbus voice systems. Troubleshooting and analysis with Cascade, Pilot and Wireshark.
  • Pharmaceutical Events company who came out of a larger organisation taking much of the core IT infrastructure. Assisted in the resizing of this infrastructure to suit the new business. Supported the migration and developed new Disaster Recovery and SAN implementation. Created a NAGIOS system monitoring system.
  • Travel & Events povided Network and Security consultancy to this travel company developing the UK interoffice MPLS and Virtualisation/SAN project. Also developed a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity infrastructure.
  • IT Services Consultancy to the Hedge Fund sector and was the Architect behind their Virtualised Hosting service. Designed network and firewall infrastructures for 150 businesses. Built an IPSwitch WhatsUp monitoring and reporting system for over 2000 devices.
  • Hedge Fund AUM US$15bn relocation. Project Management and Network design for the Hedge Fund extraction from Lehman Brothers and office relocation. Responsible for cabling, network and firewall designs, implementation and vendor liaison.
  • Hedge Fund AUM US$5bn. Project Management and Network design and support for the Hedge Fund including 2 office moves over a 7 year period. Office designed for 120 staff. Responsible for cabling, network and firewall designs, implementation and vendor liaison.
  • US Hedge Fund provided the network and firewall design for their London office.
  • Silicon Chip manufacturer. Providing general network infrastructure project work to this major Microchip design and manufacturing company, including 10/100/1000BaseT switching; Frame Relay; CISCO Routing; Ascend MAX Remote Access and a Global ATM WAN.
  • Travel Business Review of Y2000 Millennium issues on the network infrastructure components.
  • Major Banking Group Review and documentation of network infrastructure including Nortel Passport switches as a precursor to outsourcing.
  • Swedish FFA Provided network design and implementation project support for new network infrastructure in Bremma, Stockholm using Optical Data Systems and Cisco products. Fibre Optic cabling supporting Token Ring and FDDI networking.
  • Merchant Bank Review and support of bay and Cisco network infrastructure. in Bremma,
  • French Bank Network management of ATM to the desk and switched Ethernet workgroup infrastructure using 3Com and Fore.
  • Investment Bank Review and documentation of the Equities trading network before migration to a new Cisco infrastructure.
  • Debonhair Provided a business viability study for presentation to the Local Government for the approval of this startup company, and to the Banks for loan capital. Provided regular monitoring against original business plan and liaison with the bank's Business Development Manager.
  • Commodity Trading company to whom we provided the IT design input to several major overseas infrastructure projects including RFI's and ITT responses (US$0.5m to US$1billion). Also provided project management, network redesign, vendor selection and technical support to their office.
  • Global IT Services Zurich Project management and network design at client HQ. Replacing an unmanaged Token Ring network with Optical Data Systems and Xylan Token Ring switches. The network interfaced into client and service WAN. Installed and configured HP Openview with ODS LanVision and AXON LanServant RMON Manager.
  • Swiss Private Bank Zurich Network consultancy for a project providing a new banking system. Liaised with suppliers, design recommendations and RFP's. Redesigned and implemented new LAN infrastructure to support Windows PCs and IBM AS/400.
  • Global Bank Reviewed the Treasury dealing room operations in the Far East and London, in preparation for the introduction of Cisco Catalyst switching products. The existing infrastructure ran over an undocumented, unmanaged and out of specification cabling system. Wellfleet routers supported a Cable and Wireless managed global network. In the Far East, worked with trading information system suppliers to overcome installation problems. The recommendations and reports were presented to the senior management.
  • Siemens Network Systems - Internal Bank Project to replace Cisco Catalyst 5500 switches with the then new 8500 series. Worked on the deployment and subsequent removal of the 8500s. [Probably Cisco's worst ever product]
  • Christo Business Centre Analysed the voice profiles on the PABX and compared the costs of the various UK PTT's and produced recommendations.
  • Major European Bank Network consultancy on behalf of a VAR to upgrade the LAN/WAN infrastructure. Network Management was provided by multiple tools and we recommended consolidating on HP Openview.

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